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Invoice Finance

Unlock the cash tied up in your invoices with our range of solutions

Anglia Finance specialise in the provision of Invoice Finance to companies of all sizes. As the saying goes 'cash is king' and is the making and breaking of all businesses. By using Invoice Finance the majority of all invoices can be paid direct into your bank account the next working day rather than having to wait typically over 60 days. This frees up invaluable cash to assist in the general trade or growth of your business.

As the funding is secured against your debtor book this means that less security is required from the company, that you are not restricted as with an overdraft, that it is ideal for new businesses that require funding from day one and phoenix businesses who would struggle to get any other forms of bank lending.

Invoice Finance is suitable for a wide range of businesses from recruitment agencies to hauliers. If you deal with other businesses and offer them credit terms please contact us to see if your business qualifies for Invoice Finance.


  • Between 70-95% of sales invoices made available to you the next working day giving far greater flexibility than a traditional overdraft. The remaining part of the invoice is made available on the day your client pays less the service charge.
  • The invoice finance provider becomes an extended member of staff by acting as your accounts department, chasing up invoices on your behalf.
  • Bad debt protection can be included meaning that you do not have the worry of a client failing on you potentially putting you out of business.

Invoice Discounting:

  • As with factoring the majority of sales invoices are made available the next working day freeing up your debtor book to be able to trade.
  • Your business retains the credit control function, chasing your own invoices.
  • Invoice Discounting can be done confidentially so that your clients are unaware you use it.

Anglia Finance are able to go to market to get the best possible deals. Any business that is thinking of using invoice finance or currently uses it should contact us to see what else is available in the market place with our discounted terms. We are confident in being able to better your existing deal or get better terms than if you approach your bank or an invoice finance provider directly.

Anglia Finance are also able to assist with securing trade finance facilities for your business.

Contact us today to discuss your business in more detail and see how Anglia Finance can assist in providing the right financial solutions. Click here.